Thanks God!

Taking time to appreciate the simple things.

The internet is full of rants, negativity, and quite often trash that pollutes our mind. I was prompted by the daily post, and my dear brother Bernie, that this world/the internet/my blog needs more gratefulness. Not to mention more joy. So here is a thank you note that I would put on a sticky note and stick to God’s fridge.

This morning I opened my eyes to a beautiful sunrise,

Thanks God!

I remembered what happened 12 years ago today;

the lives that were lost.

Sometimes I forget that You can take life as easily as You give it.

Thanks God, for reminding me of that.

Although I don’t call them often, You’ve blessed me with a huge family.

Thanks God!

Sometimes bad things happen to good people,

You take all the blame, and keep on loving us anyway.

Thanks God!

I think of the children I hope to one day have,

and then I think of Your only Son,

Whom you gave to the world because of Your great love,

and our great failures.

Above all else, thanks for that God!

Love ~ your little girl ❀

7 thoughts on “Thanks God!

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  6. OK Margaret…THAT was amazing! So heart felt, and a couple of the lines were just downright awesome. This one, stopped me in my tracks “You take all the blame, and keep on loving us anyway.” – that’s SO true, and then, I just loved the way you signed it off πŸ™‚
    Thanks for spreading a little joy to the internet world…God is good…all the time!

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