A Poetic Night

Once upon a time there was a high school poetry club called Dangerous Minds. I was a passionate member of this club. The teacher who ran this club introduced me to the Hamilton Poetry Center; a local group that runs workshops and hosts readings.

Through out the years I have attended many of the readings that were held in coffee shops like My Dog Joe on King street, Bryan Prince Bookstore, and Redeemer University. I have even taken part in some of the open reading nights. I still remember how nervous I was the first time I read one of my poems in front of the crowd.

Tonight was the beginning of another season for the Hamilton Poetry Center. It was a workshop night, which I decided I needed to attend. It was my fist time at a workshop so I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. Mind you, I would have known what to expect if I had read all of the details on their webpage.

I found out pretty quickly what happens. Each member, (most of which are old enough to be my parents or grandparents) brings about 20 copies of one of their poems. The members take turns reading their poem, and then listen while everyone else puts in their two cents on how they feel about the poem. Then the owner of the poem gets to have their say about any confusion over their poem, if there were questions, and then we move on to the next, and so on.

I admit I was expecting some writing to be done during a workshop, but this worked out just fine. I heard some brilliantly written poems tonight. I even tried to have something to say about each poem, whether it was “I really liked the imagery in that last stanza, I can see myself there”, or “I’m not sure what this means, but here’s how I read it”. I loved it! So at the next workshop, which is at the beginning of next month, I am going to bring one of my own poems.

I know I get feedback on my writing here, but I am curious as to the kind of responses I would get from the HPC members. It just feels so good to be a part of something again! In two weeks I’ll be going to hear Steven Price read, remind me to let you all know how that goes! 🙂 He’s a Canadian Poet and the author of Into that Darkness. I’m pretty stoked!!!

Well, that’s all the rambling for now. I shall return again tomorrow!

Goodnight all!! ~ Margaret

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