Good Times

It was a brother sister date that has been waiting to happen for a while now. Several times we would set a day, but then something would come up, and weeks would pass before we scheduled another one.

After a hearty lunch at KFC/Taco Bell, my brother and I walked through the mall. Letting the food settle before getting a coffee. On our way to Country Style we saw an empty store which had naked mannequins huddled in the corner, right by the window. It was slightly awkward, but I took a picture so I could show it to hubby when I got home. Passing Roots, we saw a little girl sitting in the display window, happily waving to those who walked by.

At Country Style, my brother had a black coffee. I had half hot chocolate, half coffee. Mmmmmm…it was so good. Especially once it was cool enough to drink. While we chatted and laughed, my brother pointed out a photo on the wall. It stated that Country style is a contributor of the Make a wish foundation. The little girl in the photo looked just like the girl we saw in the window at Roots. Then my brother pointed out that one of the patrons in line for coffee, happened to be a regular customer at his work. It was a face I’d seen plenty of times, but my brother knew him by name.

After our coffee, we took another nice stroll. That’s when the photographs happened. I love sharing my passion for photography with my brother. It would be cool, I think, to collaborate on some sort of project with him (once he gets an actual camera).

Happily Caffinated! Taken by Bernhard Wiebe

Happily Caffinated! Taken by Bernhard Wiebe

Reflections ~ Taken by yours truely

Reflections ~ Taken by yours truly

More photos from this lunch date to follow (maybe). It really depends on whether I feel like it or not πŸ™‚

Have a good night everyone!

~ Margaret

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