A Voice From My Childhood

I sat there quietly humming along to my CD of Disney favorites. Tunes from Lion King, The Little Mermaid, and Mary Poppins filled my apartment. And for the next several hours, my mind. Accompanied by these tunes were a plethora of memories from my childhood.

Thinking about it now, I realise that at some point or another, I came to deeply admire the voice of Julie Andrews. I used to hear it a lot while I was living at home. The Sound of Music was one of Mom’s favorite movies. Admitedly it was one of mine too.

I have to admit that if I were to come across the Blue Ray or DVD version of it, I will not hesitate to purchase a copy of it. Hey, if Hubby can buy things he grew up with that he wants to expose to our future children, so can I.

Then they too can come to love the voice of Julie Andrew’s. It’s her legacy. This video here is one of my favorite moments from this movie. I remember how happy I was when I heard her voice join in with the children.

Even though this movie was way before my time, I want to think of it as a timeless classic (it is though right?). I’m so glad that Julie Andrews used her God given talent to make people smile.

25 thoughts on “A Voice From My Childhood

  1. This is one of the movies my mom and I waited for every year to come on T.V. We both laughed and cried at the same parts. Even after most of my lifetime of watching it with her, we still cried at all the same parts, then we’d look at each other and laugh! I think of her most of all whenever I watch this movie. My husband bought me the DVD a few years back for Christmas as a surprise. So now it is even more special. Have you bought it yet? 😉

  2. Yes! This was one of my favorites as a kid also! I think I enjoyed the songs more than the story!
    A few years back, we took a vacation to the New England states, and we went to the “mountain” where they filmed some of this movie. (I can’t remember the name of it right now), but I stood on that same hill where she is standing in the picture you posted! It was beautiful!
    I think it would be fun to watch it again…I wonder if my granddaughter would like it? Hmmm 🙂

  3. I wasn’t going to comment. Shame on me for being unsocial!! See, I was in my high school’s Spring production of the Sound of Music as a Sophomore in bonny ’93. I played a bit role as a Brownshirt, but my favorite song from that show was Edelweiss.

    Bless my homeland forever. 🙂

  4. Sound of Music is indeed a timeless classic! I have recently heard a rumor that there may be a remake in the works, with Carrie Underwood as the lead female (the Julie Andrews character). You have to wonder whether it is such a good idea to mess with this musical.

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