I Call Her Friend

If you aren’t privileged to know her already, I want to introduce you to a friend of mine. This friend is singer/songwriter Elissa Mielke!

I have fond memories of knowing Elissa throughout my childhood. We were classmates in Sunday school, and we were playmates. I still remember the time she had my sisters and I over for a game of dress up. We had plenty of fun at her house.

The longer I have known Elissa, the more I have grown to admire her, and to appreciate the effort she has put into pursuing her dream. I have always loved listening to her sing, whether it was at church, her house, or on YouTube. I love this girl, and I want you to love her too.

I hope that if you have the chance, you might go visit the page for her current project, Minor ! I am super excited about it, so I want it to succeed. I want my friend’s dream to come true as much as I do my own! Feel free to share this with a friend too, if you can!


3 thoughts on “I Call Her Friend

  1. That gal has a lot of talent!! I listened to a few of the vids, and will probably go back for more of them later. Nice voice, and interesting song-writing. Thanks so much for sharing this with your fellow bloggers!

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