My Favorite Place

I am fortunate to have a place that travels with me. A place that has traveled with me into each house that I have called home. The unfortunate thing about this place, is that I can never really go there. I can simply imagine myself there. And I do, when life gets too exciting and I need a moment to be still. When I feel as if the world is crumbling beneath my feet, I let my mind take me here. It doesn’t take too long before I come out of it feeling better.

IMG_20130924_135030[1] A paint by number project that I got for Christmas when I was fifteen years old. I spent days working on this painting. It started out as a colorless piece of cardboard with a bunch of lines and numbers.

When it was done, I put it up on my bedroom wall. I would sit there and stare at it, imagining myself sitting on the green chair, drinking from that glass of lemonade.

Every time I feel uninspired, I look at this painting. Before I know it, my mind has created things that are hidden in the painting. A little bird in the birdhouse, a couple of bees buzzing around in the flowers. A cat, peacefully napping beneath the chair.

Sometimes, it’s not me sitting in the chair. Instead, it is the heroine from a story I’m working on. That’s when my mind adds a second glass of lemonade as well as a second chair, waiting to be occupied by the story’s hero. Often times, the cat becomes a golden retriever or a black lab lying at the heroine”s feet.

Occasionally my mind will place a small child in the painting, picking a flower for his or her beloved mother. That’s where the cat comes back, playfully rubbing up against the child.

Then life calls me back, and I just smile. For nine years this place has been my mind’s favorite place. It’s always there, ready for when I need some inspiration.


8 thoughts on “My Favorite Place

  1. That looks like a great place! And it doesn’t look like a paint-by-numbers painting! It’s beautiful! I probably couldn’t do paint by numbers because I’d have to stay in the lines. I don’t think I could confine myself into those tiny spaces now! I should try one just for fun. 🙂

  2. Wow! That is a beautiful painting! You did a great job on it! I don’t think I have ever seen a paint-by-number turn out as well as this did, I can see why you would keep it around, and how it inspires you! It looks like a place I would like to go as well. Enjoy a glass of lemonade for me, the next time you visit! 🙂

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