If I Live To Be 111

While I am not following the rules, this was inspired by today’s daily prompt.

I imagine that if I am alive 87 years from now; one, I will be really old, and two, everything will have changed. Yet, I imagine everything will be the same.

I’m thinking gas will cost $50.00 per litre. The library will be something you read about in history books online, because that’s where all books will be. Paper will be a collectors item. (If you’ve seen my stash you’d think it already was)

87 years from now, being an author wont seem like a far fetched dream. Instead,it will be a story I tell my grandchildren. I will still be watching the Buggs Bunny show and reruns of The Big Bang Theory. Quiet mornings watching the sun rise will still be my favorite thing, next to watching the sunset with a good book in hand.

By then, I’m hoping to have lived a full life. Traveling the world on book tours and visiting blogging buddies all over the world. Maybe Hubby and I will have a cottage up north somewhere. I’m thinking that’s where I write most of my books.

Or maybe most of my books are written in a local Starbucks, and because they love me so much, I always get my chocolate tea for free. Who knows, I might not even be around anymore. My corpse might be pushing up daisies while I’m singing with the angels, or better yet telling stories to make Jesus smile.

But that’s all just speculation. I don’t know what things will be like 87 years from now, not to mention one year from now. God knows, and I’m completely okay with that.

8 thoughts on “If I Live To Be 111

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