Autumn Romance

A short story in the form of poetry inspired by the daily prompt and photography in the category of my favorite season.

source ~ FlashScreen

Adam used to walk to the bench by the lake,

all alone until he met her; his other half.

Avery used to watch him from a distance,

as she thought that she wasn’t good enough.

A  fateful day comes at the lake when

Avery’s canoe tipped and took her under,

Adam, sitting on that bench saw her,

and swam to her rescue.

Avery is thankful but feels embarrassed,

as anyone would if they almost drowned in front of the one they admired.

Adam knows of her feelings, he too has always been shy but one day,

after having coaxed Avery to join him for a walk to the bench;

a picnic included, Adam confesses that he admires her in return.

Avery is overjoyed.

A new journey lies ahead, and she couldn’t be happier.

7 thoughts on “Autumn Romance

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