In Love With The Poem

It was a poetry workshop night again with the Hamilton Poetry center. Today I even had a poem of my own that I took along. They had nothing but good feedback on it of course.

I have to say it was fun listening to the group try to make sense of what my poem was about, and what I was trying to say with it. I loved it! I wont lie.

The best part of the night came when one of the elderly gentlemen read his poem. I just fell in love with the poem. I want to share it with you. Perhaps you will get a good laugh out of it too! The idea was that over time, one’s work seems to deteriorate over time.

Dear Editor

I am sending you a very early poem

which I am sorry to say

has suffered badly

from the passage of years.

you will note all the verbs

in the present tense of the original

are now in the past:

is’es‘ are now ‘was’es

‘are’s’ are now ‘were’s’

and in the first stanza

the words ‘polished table’

are barely visible

under a thick layer of dust.

In the second

the energetic lady hiker,

who had no difficulty

in bounding up and down hills

and vaulting streams

at the time the poem was written,

is now scarcely able to navigate

without the use of a walker

and the help from her husband–

the gentlemen in the third stanza

with the very long beard

and wearing a deerstalker cap.

I assure you, the mouldy

half-eaten sandwich tossed casually

into the aspidistra (verse 3, 4th line)

was not there in the original poem

and I have done my best

to clean the crumbs.

Be assured, I have vacuumed the poem

from beginning to end.

It is, in the main, now quite sanitary

though I would advise against

opening the door of the refrigerator

you will find in the last but one line

of the penultimate stanza.


                                Yours, etc., etc.


6 thoughts on “In Love With The Poem

  1. I think literary analysis is one of the best parts of being a reader and writer; that was always my favorite bit in school because I could often come up with my very own angle and “argue” it successfully in a paper.

    On a different note, what happened with that book of writing exercises, do you still use it? Or did you decide you don’t like it so much?

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