Focusing On Sensory Detail – Part 2

Alright, I’m back! Wow, what a crazy day at work! But we rocked it! As always. Hey, if you haven’t already, go back and read the post I wrote earlier this morning; Focusing on The Senses. Then come back!

Here we go…

Recess Under The Old Maple Tree

            It was always there, four hops down the stairs, and a short “race you” across the pavement, past the basket ball court to our spot beneath the first of three Maple trees that lined the east end of the playground. It was always just the two of us – Lena and I.

We took turns flipping eachother over our backs on the freshly cut grass. If we wore light cloths we would develop light green stains on our knees and backs. Dirt would gather under our fingernails, leaving an earthy scent on our hands until we were forced to wash it off.

Usually we didn’t pay any attention to the rest of the children playing around us. They became a blur of bright colors. Their squeals of laughter and frequent yells became somewhat of a buzzing sound, with the occasional shrillness of the teacher’s “you’re in trouble” whistle. Sometimes we would even hear a cry or two coming from the fenced-in playground where the kindergarteners had their recess.

Although, while we took turns knocking the wind out of eachother, we had to keep an eye out for the peer-mediators. They were easy to spot in their orange reflector vests. Although they were classmates, those bright orange vests bestowed a certain power over anyone who wore them.

Sometimes, while we played, we would stop to speculate about the highschool students, from the school across the street, that would hang out just past the kindergarten section, at the park. Girls in their short matching skirts, and guys with matching tops. Sometimes they would sit lazily in the swings, most likely cutting class. Other times we were unfortunate to see couples who would lie in the damp grass and share intimate, and overly passionate moments under the morning sun. They were so grown up to us back then.

Suddenly, even though we knew it was coming, with the loud clanging of the bell – recess would always end too soon. The trek back to class after recess, was never short. Not ever!


Hope you enjoyed it! If you did the exercise, how did yours turn out?

Love, Margaret

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