Focusing on The Senses

Upon popular demand, by one, I dug the Write Now! books out of the box they were packed into. The exercise I did was one written by Paul Lisicky. He titled it A Map to Anywhere. The first thing his exercise did was to ask me why I was doing it in the first place. I simply replied in my head – because I can!

Paul’s exercise required me to follow a few steps. The first was to draw a map from our childhood. Step two was to detail as much as you could into the map, while marking the locations of three incidences onto the map.

The map of my neighborhood while I was in elementary school.

The map of my neighborhood while I was in elementary school.

The next step was to imagine myself into one of those moments and to make a list of sensory detail associated with that incident. I did that, going through sight, sound, smell, and touch – with a red sharpie in my notebook! The following step was to use the most evocative details off my list and write a two-page scene. I did that with a blue sharpie – also in my notebook.

The final step is to rewrite the scene from the central character’s point of view. I will do that here, but first, I have to go to work. So, don’t let the suspense kill you. I’ll be back to post the final step in no time! Meanwhile, why don’t you give the exercise a try?

Love, Margaret.

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