Strange Images

Alright, I had the chance to finish the short story I’ve been working on, earlier this morning in the last few minutes before I started work. This short story is a result of Debra Spark’s writing exercise in Write Now! Fiction. In her introduction she talked about a class she once took where she had to incorporate, from an image, a wedding cake in the middle of the street. Of course she loved the idea of using strange images to inspire writing, so she had her students come up with a few strange images they could write about.

In her writing exercise she shares two of those images and asked me to choose between the two and write a story about it.

Those images:

1. A fish falling from the sky.

2. A lawn sign that reads “wife wanted, inquire within”.

I thought both were equally interesting and even had trouble choosing between the two. I had to ask Lena which one she would most likely want to read about. She picked the first, so I went with it. I hope you guys enjoy it.

“Bye guys” Emma said waving to her coworkers as she made her quick exit from a long day of work. Her co-workers were too busy to respond, so Emma didn’t bother to look back.

She stepped outside, taking a breath of fresh air. “Ah, this is more like it.” she said to no one in particular. She could smell the light scent of coffee from the shop across the street. Her stomach growled in response. Emma patted her pockets checking for loose change. Hearing the jingle, Emma quickly checked the street for oncoming traffic, and finding none, made a quick dash across the road.

“I’ll have a large double double please.” Emma said to the lady, Joan, behind the counter. Joan took the order and the exact change from Emma’s outstretched hand. “It’ll be on the ledge to your right.” Joan instructed with a smile. “Thanks.” Emma replied as she obligingly stepped to the right. Within minutes, another woman placed the coffee on the ledge, and Emma made her way back outside.

Even though her day at work had been a long stressful one, Emma opted for the scenic, but longer route to go home. Main street just got too boring at times. Instead she took a turn down Owen street.

Owen street was the most beautiful street in her part of the neighborhood, cheery trees in the middle of the road, splitting the left lane from the right. Apple blossom trees, mingled with Maples and Willow trees on either sides of the road, filling the street with dashes of pinks, and vivid greens. It really was a stunning sight. The houses, more like mansions were built far back, with driveways that seemed to go on forever. Up in the trees, the birds sang their beautiful tunes. Taking it all it, Emma could feel the day’s stress drifting from her.

Emma lifted her eyes to the sky, whispering a prayer of thanks to God for the beauty around her. Before she had the chance to breathe the word “amen”, a fish fell from the sky, slapping off the top of her head, then falling to the ground. Emma stared at it, stunned. The fish flopped, startling a jump from Emma, causing her to drop her coffee. Still stunned, Emma watched, as if in slow motion, the lid came off of the coffee cup and the coffee drenched her feet, along with the fish.

Finding her voice, Emma asked the fish were it had come from. Of course the fish gave no answer, but a squawk above her did. Emma stepped back as a hawk swooped down to get the fish. Then to the retreating bird she said. “Three second rule huh?”

The End

Love, Margaret.

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