The Taste of Hotdogs

Hotdogs taste like old memories of family get-togethers in the backyard. They taste like way back when. When us girls still shared a room, and we fought about what dress belong to who’s Barbie doll. They taste like the times we all sat in a circle in the backyard playing ‘telephone’, before any of us actually had a phone.

Hotdogs taste like birthday parties back when we still had them. When birthdays mattered more. They taste like the afternoons we’d come home from school and mom would let us have only two, because we already had a couple for lunch.

Hotdogs taste like memories of mustard stains on white t-shirts, and piles of laundry we didn’t want to fold but had to.

Those were the days, hotdogs tasted like childhood freedom, laughter, and fun. No one cared about the calories or whether it was gluten free. We didn’t think about jobs and working, although we dreamt of growing up and having “real freedom”.

Hotdogs taste like the sweet moments of a childhood taken for granted.


Prompted by Dan Wakefield’s writing exercise in Write Now! which challenges one to use the senses to evoke a memory. Go ahead, give one of these examples a try; the tase of pumpkin pie, the smell of apple pie, the sound of birds singing, etc.etc. Pick one and just write!

Love, Margaret

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