Picturing The Finished Product

You know all those times where you drive or walk past a construction zone, and you see, on the fence around the construction zone, a picture of what the finished product will look like? I walk by it every morning on my way to work. I enjoy looking at the picture and then at the building, watching it take shape.

Well, yesterday I had an aha moment. I thought, maybe if I had a picture of what I want my story to look like, I would have an easier time of writing it. Instead of just writing with only a deadline in mind. Just like the contractors who build all those amazing buildings, perhaps I need a blueprint of what I want my finished product to look like.

So I did it. I wrote an outline of my story. While the foundation of my story was provided for me, I constructed the bones of the story. Now that I know what I want to happen in my story, I can add some meat onto those bones. We’ll see how easy writing the story will be for me now.

I refuse to give up on this project. At this point, I just want to finish it. I’ll worry about winning after I get my rough draft done.

Love, Margaret

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