Something About That Photo

Have you ever had that one picture that you keep coming back to? That one photo that makes you feel something at the mere sight?

For me it’s a picture I took of a brother and a niece of mine. We were walking along what is now a paved bike path (in the picture it was still under construction). It was a path we walked so many times that it really wasn’t anything special. Well, at least not until we moved out of the area.

The photo wasn’t planned, but I’m so glad I was there to capture it. When I look at it, I tend to forget that I was there, just a few steps behind them. I almost feel like what I captured was someone else’s memory. I don’t know if that makes sense, but that’s how I feel.

A picture is worth a thousand memories!

Love, Margaret.

7 thoughts on “Something About That Photo

  1. I must agree with you 100%. There are a handful of images that I return to often. (One is listed on my front page called “Lo Zoppo”.) There are a few that I have sprinkled throughout my posts as well.

    Not only are the pictures transportive (is that even a word) in nature but, as you cleverly state, the images themselves almost seem like someone else’s memory. I getcha.

    I love the capture you shared. It is amazing.

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