A Moment of Innocence

The air was chilly on that November afternoon in the heart of downtown. I was walking home from work with my eyes on the sidewalk in front of me. Too cold to care about what was going on around me. I just wanted to get home.

A couple blocks from home I spied an elderly man, just standing there, in the middle of the sidewalk. He was tossing something onto the grass beside him. I wasn’t sure what it was, but when I got closer I had to stop.

Infront of the man, a squirrel, the friendliest squirrel I’ve ever seen, was picking up what the man threw. Each time the old man threw it closer to himself, and the squirrel would advance and pick it up.

I have to tell you, I’ve seen people feed pigeons, and ducks, but never squirrels. It boggled my mind to see something like that. I tell you though, that moment imprinted itself into my mind. It was something so simple, yet so precious.

8 thoughts on “A Moment of Innocence

  1. That’s great, Margaret! I was on vacation in Florida back in the 80’s staying at a condo when one morning a squirrel was on the porch. I started throwing peanuts to it doing the same thing. Then I just held one in my hand and waited, and it came right up to my hand and took it! It was pretty amazing!!

  2. Great post. These are moments that make life more interesting. Our world is such a dynamic place. We will never know what was/is going on in that man’s life.

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