Disney Does it Again!

It was on our anniversary date at the movies that I saw the trailer for Disney’s Frozen.

I was instantly determined to go see this movie. I knew there would be funny moments, and perhaps even sappy romantic moments, but Disney exceeded my expectations by far.

Not only did I go see the movie, I went to see it twice in the span of three days. I loved it for several reasons.

I love to laugh, so the humorous moments that were strewn throughout the movie were perfect, especially for my sense of humor.

I’m a sucker for catchy tunes, and boy did Frozen have a good bunch of them. I was humming Elsa’s song days after seeing the movie. Not to mention the snowman’s summer song.

Also, I love a good story, and the story told by Frozen, throws you for a loop. I don’t want to give anything away, but I will tell you that there is a great deal of emphasis placed on family. It was such a beautiful story, great for the whole family.

I will definitely be buying the movie when it comes out.

Oh, here’s a small taste of the great music in Frozen. I’m already in love with this song. I hope you enjoy it, and maybe you even get to enjoy the movie in the future. If you haven’t already!

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