When Pain is Good

Hubby and I, kinda pooped, just after our third T25 workout.

Hubby and I, kinda pooped, just after our third T25 workout.

Nobody likes hurting. Whether physical, emotional, or mental. But I’ll tell you something I’m learning. Sometimes pain is good.

Now I’m not talking about pain that is inflicted upon someone/oneself. I’m talking about the kind of pain that is supposed to happen after a good workout.

In my last post I told you I was beginning a journey to a healthier, fitter, and better me through a fitness program called T25. Well, today was day three, and believe me, I’m feeling it.

It’s amazing what a short (seemingly eternal) twenty-five minutes a day can do. I woke up this morning feeling pain in places I had forgotten existed. It was like every time I took a step, or went to sit down, my body was reminding me of its mere existence.

But I am glad it hurts. This is the kind of pain that lets me know that what I’m doing is actually working. It’s like they say, “No pain, no gain”. Do you know what? I believe it.

So I’m going to go on. I’ll keep going, day by day. I’m going to enjoy the pain, because this kind of pain is good.

And now that my body has had its workout, it’s time to exercise my mind. I have Shirlee McCoy’s latest book to read.

Thanks for stopping by. I do appreciate it, and I hope that whatever the rest of the day holds for you, that it makes you smile and love yourself!

Love, Marge

7 thoughts on “When Pain is Good

  1. That’s great, Margaret! Just be careful. “No pain, no gain” can sometimes be deceiving. If something starts to hurt too much, stop what you’re doing before you really hurt yourself. I’ve been there and done that many years ago. I started aerobics classes in the early 80’s, and got shin splints so bad I could hardly walk one day when I woke up. I hope you are having fun with your husband!

  2. Keep up the good work. You inspired me, so I got my hands on the T25 programme as well. I’m starting boxing classes next week and I want to pick up running again. I think I’d like to use the programme in between, so alternate the days kind of thing with my boxing training, running and the T25 programme. I’m looking forward to seeing your progress. Good luck! Both of you! (I’m actually doing the boxing classes with my boyfriend as well, I think it’s quite fun, getting fit together).

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