Battling My Body

There was less than 15 minutes to go. I’m sure I looked rediculous trying to keep up with my husband on our fourth day of T25. It was all about the abs today, and I wasn’t enjoying it.

I couldn’t keep up with anything, always one or two steps behind. There were times where it seemed like my body didn’t want to comply with what my mind was telling it to do. There were times where it seemed, my body just couldn’t.

Those 25 minutes today felt like an eternity. I became frustrated at myself for not being in better shape. Where the people on the dvd were raising their legs straight up and touching their toes, my feet didn’t want to make it off the ground.

But with my husband at my side telling me to push through the pain, I did. I pushed my mind, and body. Although it was not easy, I made it through. I made it through for myself and my husband.

I know this journey has just begun. I will get stronger. It will become easier(I hope).

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