The Journey Continues

On Saturday, my first Staturday since beginning the Alpha phase of T25 with my husband, I stepped on the scale, and was immediately discouraged.

After a week of doing the best I could with the program, my legs and abs were aching with each move I made. Yet the scale told me that a weeks worth of workouts had not made a pound of a difference. In fact, according to the scale, I had put on an extra pound.

I went to work that morning feeling very discouraged. My husband had dropped two pounds in the week, and I had added one. All day it kept me down, even though I got plenty of support from my T25 support group on Facebook.

Just as I was getting ready to leave work, I looked at my phone and realized I had a notification from my Monthly tracker telling me that it was about that time of the month again.

That’s when it hit me. It was quite a relief too. I always put on a couple pounds when that time of the month comes around. Ladies please tell me I’m not the only one!

After that I felt much better.

Today my husband and I started the second week of the alpha program. I pushed myself where I could and used the modifier when I had trouble. Pretty soon the twenty-five  minute workout was over, and I’d made it through, feeling stronger than the week before.

So now the journey continues. I’m still figuring out my meal plans and such, but I’m moving forward knowing that I can do it if I truly put my mind to it. Anything is possible!


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