So I Became A Coach

The moments pass as I push myself through the minutes, 25 agonizing minutes. Suddenly it’s over and one day becomes two weeks. 196 pounds becomes 191, and my list of excuses begins to shrink ever so slowly.

Excuses are replaced with reasons to go on, to keep fighting, and that long lived desperation for a better life has become motivation to help others.

I never imagined that in only two weeks, my life would change in such a way all because my husband wouldn’t give up on me.  I never imagined that through a haze of twitter and Facebook messages I would get to know an amazingly wonderful coach who has encouraged me to become a coach myself.

Now I have this chance to reach out to so many people and give them that extra push that they need to end the trend of obesity. After all, everyone deserves a chance at a long happy life.


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