My Journey to Fit With T25 – Staying Motivated

After yesterday’s lower leg focus I was dreading today’s double workout which included Total Body Circuit and Ab Intervals. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to make it through but I did. I pushed through it with my husband. I pushed through, and now we’ve completed week 3 of T25 Alpha level.

You might be wondering what keeps me motivated, or what I do to stay motivated. It’s actually really simple.

I am motivated by my husband and his belief in me, as well as the fact that he gives me a push when I start to slack.

I am motivated my my own will power. I use to go to the store just so I could have some junk food. Not anymore! I can actually walk through the chip isle without feeling compelled to buy a bag of chips or two that would be gone by the end of the next day. After all, fat lasts longer than flavor.

Want to know what else motivates me?  My before picture. I am motivated by that because I know that when this is all over in eleven weeks, that won’t be me anymore.

I’ll still be me, but I’ll be a brand new person! 🙂

What did you think? I'd love to hear from you!

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