I Believe

Some days are harder than others. I have to push myself just a little bit more than the day before. I am after all in the fifth week of my transformation.

I would love to say that I get up every morning feeling motivated to do my workout. But the truth is some days I don’t have it. Some days I want to stay in bed and not move, not even to go to work. But I know that feeling will lead me to self doubt and even depression, because I’ve been there before.

On those days I get up anyway, believing that after my workout I will fee better. It’s only twenty five minutes of my day. I do the scheduled workout next to my husband, who is a huge support to me, and then I have my daily cup of Shakeology for breakfast.

Sometimes it doesn’t feel like it’s the healthiest meal I’m having all day. Sometimes it feels like I’m having desert for breakfast. It tastes so good and keeps me energized throughout my day.

As I’m sitting here now with two more days left of the first phase, I’m amazed at how far I’m come in a month. And I’m not just talking about personal development, I’m talking about the physical as well. I’ve dropped from the 190’s to the 180’s.  I have better balance and I can even touch my toes! That’s something I’ve struggled with since, well, forever!

My favorite thing about what has happened in this past month is all the little things. When my husband looks at me and says “Honey, you look skinnier around your waist.” I put my hands on my waist and I feel skinnier, like there isn’t as much fat sitting there. Then I notice my belly isn’t hanging like it used to. That’s one of the things that thrills me the most.

It’s hard to imagine what the next phase will do for me, and then the one after. I’m nervous, and excited all rolled into one!

But there is one thing I am certain of. I believe in the system! I believe that if I keep at it, I will change my life forever. I believe that I can help others change their lives too. I believe that just because I grew up to be a little chunky, does not mean I have to live the rest of my life that way.

I want to keep going and take as many people with me as I can.

What did you think? I'd love to hear from you!

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