Oh The Suspense!

IMG_20140422_175818[1]It had to happen eventually. I had a huge stack of books that I hadn’t touched since Christmas. I felt like it was time to nosedive into some good reading, so what did I do? I went for all the suspense books first.

I’m not entirely sure what it is about these books that has me so hooked, but I can’t seem to get enough of them.

Perhaps it’s the mysterious hero who goes out of his way to save the damsel in distress.

Maybe it’s the threat of the heroine’s impending doom that gets to me.

I’m not entirely sure, but when I get wrapped up in Love Inspired Suspense novel, I can’t get out of it until it’s over.

In fact I was almost late to work this morning because I didn’t want to put down the book I was reading. So I didn’t put it down. I read it while I walked to work, and forced myself to put it away at the last moment. Then I finished it right after work. It was a really good book. Some of the suspense books I’ve read were so good that I wanted to go and write one of my own. Perhaps some day I will.

Now that I’ve gone through all my suspense books I almost don’t want to move on to the other ones I have. Although I’ll probably be hitting the Historicals next.

They’re all Love Inspired books so I know they wont be disappointing, but without that one element of, well, suspense, it just feels as if something is missing.

If you’re a reader/writer/neither, what’s your go-to genre? Why?

One thought on “Oh The Suspense!

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