I’m Going Back

I remember where I found this voice,

back in the halls and classrooms of Westdale secondary.

Where the thoughts I wore on my sleeves

were written down, read, and criticized.

Mostly by the teachers who were so unlucky

to be cornered in their classroom during lunch.


Now that dollar store notebook and pencil

that were with me at all hours, back then,

lay on my kitchen table collecting dust

rather than the scribbles of my mind.


What would I write, who would read it?

These days I speak my mind

to those who will listen, or not.


Now I’m going back,

but just for one night, one open mic night.

Back to those familiar faces

that I once wrote for.


Just for one night,

I will feel my heart race,

knowing that all eyes are on me.

Everyone will be silent and waiting,

just to hear the words I speak.

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