The Live Show is Better

Last night I had the privilege of doing something I haven’t been able to do since my 16th birthday, I went to hear my friend Elissa sing. Only this time I went with my oldest sister, instead of my special friend Gail.

In between I’ve been enjoying her presence on social media – liking all her Instagram pictures like a devoted fan, or a stalker 😛 I’ve watched her on youtube over and over, simply because her voice is perfectly wonderful. I used to have one of her demos, but I’m pretty sure one of my sisters borrowed it and never returned it, or she did and I lost it. 😦

For years I’ve watched as shows came up and went. I didn’t go. Apparently it never occurred to me to buy a ticket from Hamilton to Toronto. So when I saw that she was playing at a show in my stomping grounds, I eagerly reserved my ticket. I did not want to miss this chance, and I’m so glad I went.

It was wonderful to catch up with my lovely friend over a drink before the show began, to sit with her while the first act played, and then to watch the way she worked the crowd in between songs. This lovely lady had the crowd eating out of her hands. She made us laugh with stories and her personality. It was amazing to be a part of.

At the end of the show I heard a girl behind me say “I think I have a girl crush!” The guy beside her seconded those sentiments. I just smiled. Maybe she has that effect on everyone. 🙂

Of course, me being the self-appointed queen of selfies, I am grateful that Elissa didn’t mind being in a picture with my sister and I. 🙂

Liz, Elissa, and myself after the show at the Staircase Cafe Theatre in Hamilton.

Liz, Elissa, and myself after the show at the Staircase Cafe Theatre in Hamilton.


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