Where The Story Really Begins

I’m not sure if I want to start my story all over again, but it’s been eating at me. I’m beginning to think that I would lose my readers pretty quickly if I started at the beginning…aka birth. I’m beginning to wonder if anybody would actually care about the backstory because that’s what the first six years of my life were. At least as far as my book is concerned.

Maybe I shouldn’t be writing my story as it happened in chronological order. Maybe I should write my story like any other story begins, with action.  I’m beginning to think that this is the very reason I have lost interest in my own story. I haven’t written anything in weeks. I got tired with the back story. There wasn’t really any action, so there wasn’t anything to keep pulling me forward.

Just so you know, I’m considering this a personal breakthrough. I won’t erase what I have written so far, but I will begin the story differently. Maybe this time, I won’t lose interest in my own life 😛

Out of curiosity if you were to write a book based one something from your own life, how would you do it? Where would you start? Would you change or add any details to make it more interesting or readable?

Leave me a comment. I’d love to know your thoughts.

Until next time,

Marge ❤


3 thoughts on “Where The Story Really Begins

  1. I prefer stories that open up with some sort of action. It doesn’t have to be intense but it has to catch my attention. If I was writing a story inspired by my own life, I would consider starting at a point that is leading up to a pivital moment and then weave in my backstory.

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