Classical Piano and A Pile of Dishes

While a good book is at the top of the list, there isn’t much that is more stimulating to my mind than the combination of classical piano and a pile of dishes.

Although I am guilty of letting said pile of dishes grow over a couple days because I’d rather have my nose in a book, when I finally get to do them, the more, the better.

I’m not entirely sure if it’s the soft music playing in the background, the warmth of the water, or the lemon scented dish soap, but something about this delightfully peaceful combination seems to set my mind free. Perhaps it’s the fact that doing the dishes doesn’t require much thought.

Sometimes I find myself lost in my thoughts, which can be dangerous. Especially if that is the moment your significant other decides that specific moment to pop around the corner and say “boo!”. To top it off I seem to be the easiest person to startle in those moments. I’m a lot like my mother in that way, now that I think of it.

I am reminded of all the times when I was younger, I’d come downstairs from my room to find Mom doing the dishes while she was listening to her favorite Oldies station on the radio. I’d walk into the kitchen casually and say “Boo”. My poor mother would throw a wet soapy hand to her chest and scold me for nearly giving her a heart attack.

Well now I know what it’s like and I do regret being such a horrible thoughtless child. Well, I guess I had it coming, didn’t I. But my husband couldn’t have known that, he just likes catching me off guard while my hands are buried in warm soapy water, and I’m lost somewhere in my thoughts.

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