Thirteen Years Later

In memory of those who lost their lives on that terrible day that no one will ever forget, and to those who lost loved ones that day thirteen years ago, this is for you!

Sometimes I come back here,
This bench between the sun setting over calm waters,
And the chaos of the rest of the world.

It was our favorite place, yours and mine,
But now it’s just me here staring into the ocean’s blue depths,
While my heart aches at the loss.

You went to work just like every other day,
Putting out fires and saving lives, it’s what you did.
I never imagined you wouldn’t come back.

I would have stopped you had I known,
It would have been selfish I know, but you were mine.
We were going to grow old together you and I.

I’ve tried to move on you know,
Sometimes I find laughter followed by guilt,
Pleasure followed by pain, for you are not here.

Sometimes I see a face in the crowd,
I think it’s yours and I call your name,
Only, it’s never you.

My heart has grown numb with sorrow,
As the years have passed, and I have found myself wondering
If I shall ever be happy again.

But then I remember the promise of heaven,
I hold tight to the hope, that when my time comes,

I shall hold you for all eternity.

One thought on “Thirteen Years Later

  1. what an amazing piece (: Really enjoyed it thoroughly. Do continue writing – your works always have that unique twist in it. (oh and if you don’t mind – check out my latest post and leave a comment too?) thank you so much! and happy writing (:

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