My Favorite Sundays

I remember how they used to be, back when we lived on Bowman, and Church was just across the street. I’d wander downstairs hoping one of my siblings hadn’t already beaten me to the shower. We took our time getting ready, sometimes too much time. Mom would insist we have breakfast before we left. If we were stubborn it was a glass of milk, but usually I was okay with a bowl of Frosted Flakes. I savored every drop of the milk left in my bowl after.

Some Sundays we would head to church as a group, but mostly we just left whenever we felt we were ready to go. That was the best part of being across the street. Sometimes if I wanted some alone time I’d head to church extra early to sit on the bench outside. Sometimes I’d find the little old Russian lady resting there with her schnauzer. I didn’t mind, I loved hearing the stories she seemed so eager to share.

When the service started I wanted to be right up front. I was less likely to be distracted by the adorable antics of the babies and toddlers. Not to mention when being up front, I’d feel less inclined to give in to doze off if I was still sleepy. Sometimes it couldn’t be helped. Even if I took notes. Sometimes I’d be so sleepy my eyes would blur and I’d give an involuntary nod. But hey, it happens to everyone every now and then.

But my favorite Sundays were the ones where I was wide awake and eager to hear what God was going to tell me that day. Those Sundays my notes went beyond noting scripture references. Those Sundays where I felt that the pastor’s message was especially for me, and it made my heart glad.

I’d go home afterwards feeling refreshed and renewed. Mom would have a nap, my little brother would play Zelda Ocarina of Time, and if I didn’t feel like watching as I sometimes did, I would retreat to my room. A room I happen to miss by the way. It had a built in bookshelf on one wall. I had a desk too, but that’s not the point. I’d turn my radio on to Joy1250 and listen to The Gospel Greats with Paul Heil, Great Hymns of Faith with John Fraser and Sunday Praise with Bill Craig while I read a book or did my homework.

I treasured those moments of quiet reflection on those Sundays. They were peaceful moments where I could forget about my troubles and just let myself be happy. Those were my favorite Sundays.

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