Walk Home With Me

Walk home with me,

let me show you what I see.

The streets are void of daytime crowds,

no shoppers shoving their way through,

no beggars wandering outside stores.

Nobody out on their smoke break,

just an eery emptiness.

A few cars drive by,

while I wait for the light to change.

A group of  boys leave the bar after the hockey game,

my mind quickly runs through different senerios,

should they have any ill intentions toward me.

They walk the other way,

I let out the breath I hadn’t realised I was holding.

Let’s continue past the construction zone,

that’s been abandoned for the night.

Notice all the dark corners,

perfect for a perp to wait for his next victim.

Maybe we’ll walk just a little faster.

Passing some harmless bushes,

my mind procures another perpatrator,

my heart wants to race me home.

On the other side of the street,

a weeping willow half bathed in moonlight.

A homless man sleeps on a picnic table,

under the darkened side of the willow.

I forget about my fears and worry for him,

because he isn’t a figmint of my imagination.

God watch over him, keep him warm.

I get home.

I am safe, loved, warm,

and I am thankful because I have more than I deserve.

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