Dear Acer, Welcome Home!

The past several weeks have passed in a blur as I anxiously awaited the day that I would walk into the electronics section of a Walmart, Target, or any other place that sold laptops, and walk out with a brand spanking new laptop. You see, my previous laptop, an HP that I had purchased several years ago decided to become useless to me. While my husband still uses it for notes at school, it could no longer serve my needs.

So here I am with my new Acer Aspire E 15 Touch. This isn’t even close to what I thought I was going to walk home with when I was thinking about getting a new laptop. In fact I had my mind set on bringing home a MacBook Air from Best Buy. The MacBook comes highly recommended by many writers on Facebook, well, of the ones I asked anyway. Not to mention I’d heard some negative things about the windows 8 program so I wanted to stay away from that. Did it happen? Nope! I decided to form my own opinions after I found out that the MacBook was going to cost a fortune.

I told myself I needed something right away so I couldn’t sit around waiting while I saved up money for the fancy computer, as my husband put it. I did some research, asked people questions, and when I was happy with the information I had collected, I decided the Acer would be just what I wanted. I was told they’ve come a long way since they started seven years ago. So we’ll see what becomes of my new friend. I wonder how soon I will have to replace this one, hopefully no time too soon.

After all, my new friend and I have some books to write together. Really, you have no idea how thrilled I was to get my hands on this baby. Seriously, after my 7 hour shift at work I was practically jumping with excitement, thinking about getting home and writing my first blog on the new computer.

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