Growing Up With JoyKids

Sure, it all started when I was in elementary school. I remember we still lived in the house on Broadway and I was sharing a room with four of my sisters. On Saturday mornings we got to sleep in, and I certainly loved sleeping in. My sisters would get up and play or watch TV but I wanted to stay in the cocoon that was my bed. One Saturday morning my oldest sister Lisa came into our room with a radio, or maybe we already had one, can’t remember for sure, but my sister tuned the radio to Joy1250 (Hometown Christian radio for the GTA). Since it was Saturday morning they were playing their Joy Kids program. Suddenly I had a reason to wake up earlier on that particular morning.

As the years went on and I got my own room I would tune my own radio to Joy1250 the night before. I would fall asleep to worship music, my heart and mind fixed on God. Then when 8am came around I would wake up to the sound of Virginia, Dale, and their daughter Shanara as they shared God’s love with children. I fell in love with the program and dragged it into my teen years.

While there are those who would mock me for listening to a children’s program every Saturday morning, I didn’t care. Joy Kids with Virginia and Dale was one of my best God moments each week. Giving me a consistent reminder that faith doesn’t need to be complicated, but that God prefers the faith of a child because it is so simple. Just believe. Sure in high school when I was dealing with your average teenage problems, faith seemed anything but simple. There was so much doubt in me but then came Saturday mornings and for those few short hours I would be reminded that I wasn’t alone.

Then adulthood came and Joy Kids came right along with me. Not only did it come with me, while I was working in Toronto one summer, I was able to attend a magic show put on by Dale. There I met Virginia, Dale, and their son Lazarus and daughter Shanara. Because of Joy Kids, I felt like I was simply seeing family. I had grown up with them. It was fantastic.

So now as I listen to the end of their program this morning, I want to take a moment to thank Virginia and Dale. Thanks for being who you are, and doing what you do. I pray God blesses you as richly as He has blessed everyone who listens to your program. 🙂

What did you think? I'd love to hear from you!

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