Tonight I Am Grateful

It’s late, I know, and I thought I was headed to bed. But my brain won’t be quiet. My mind keeps wandering all over the place. From thoughts of the old man who came to the Café for coffee the other day. The one who insisted on only having coffee because it was his first time back since his wife had passed away. They used to come all the time for dinner he told me while I was clearing a table next to his. My heart felt sad for him, but I had no words for the man.

My thoughts turned to the woman on the bus several weeks ago who spilled her coffee as the bus was turning. I can’t even imagine how embarrassed I might have felt in her place. I’d probably have gotten off the bus and transferred onto an other one just to avoid the comments. But she stayed put, the now empty paper cup clasped tightly in her gloved hand. While the bus moved from stop to stop, the coffee made it’s way across the floor of the bus from the back where she sat to nearly the front of the bus. Passengers commented about how it was the best smelling bus in the city.

Then while talking to a friend of mine tonight I began to think about all the people whose lives have crossed paths with mine. Suddenly I am overwhelmed with gratitude. While there are people left me feeling miserable and unwanted, like my bully in elementary school, they also made me stronger. Those who ‘hated’ me helped me see that my self worth was not dependant on the thoughts of others.

I thought of those whom I consider close friends because they are few. They are the ones who make my life brighter just by being there. They are those who laugh at my terrible jokes even when they aren’t that funny. They are those who make me smile at their mere presence in my life. My family, friends, and readers I thank God for every one of you!

What did you think? I'd love to hear from you!

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