Silver White Winters ~ Review

Imagine opening a book and suddenly finding yourself in another world. It happened to me yesterday after I got on the bus to go home after work. My friend Candace Sue Patterson had emailed me the link to review her book before it was released. I swiped past her stunning cover photo to be sucked onto the stage next to Raelynn Rivers.

The tabloids say Rae is a ‘has been’ country star, the crowd cheers for her to get off the stage, even her old stalkers aren’t interested in her anymore. Everything seems to have Raelynn in the dumps, especially her lack of inspiration. It just made me want to put my arms around her, hug her tightly and tell her that everything would be okay.

Then she gets the call that brings her home where she is reconnected with her parents and her past love, Lane. Not only that, she is reconnected with what gave her inspiration in the first place. Finally she could be happy again, and she was. It was beautiful to watch Raelynn and Lane’s romance spark back to life after all those years.

But Lane has some news for Raelynn that he believes will destroy any chance of a happy ever after. In that moment when he tells her, I cried with her. Then I stood right there by her side and rooted for them and their future. They fought for each other in the end and it was so beautiful that when the moment came that it was all over, I lay there, in my bed wanting to see what the rest of their happy after might be like.

Of course there is much I didn’t tell you, because I want you to read the book for yourself. Silver White Winters will be in stock on December 1st at for you to get your own copy.

Thank you Candace for giving me the joy of reading your book.

Check out Candace Sue Patterson's Facebook Page

Check out Candace Sue Patterson’s Facebook Page

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