O Christmas Tree

I remember Christmases growing up, our Christmas tree always seemed so cluttered. Every other Christmas tree I saw had a design or theme to it. But the one at our house didn’t have very many matching decorations on it. It was as if there was always room for one more ornament and it annoyed me. One Christmas during my later teen years I asked my mother about it. I was horribly insensitive as I asked her why our tree seemed so messy and cluttered while everyone else had a nice organized one.

Then Mom had me really look at the ornaments on the tree. Each one had a story to it. There was a paper cut-out of my little brother’s handprint with a verse on it that he had made in Sunday school, a snowflake made out of yarn and popsicle sticks that one of my younger sisters made in art class, and so on it went. Every ornament meant something special to my mother because we had given them to her over the years. And every Christmas my mother proudly displays those ornaments for all to see.

The hubby and I by our Christmas tree. our second Christmas as a family <3

The hubby and I by our Christmas tree. our second Christmas as a family ❤

Now as I have set up my own Christmas tree and begun collecting ornaments I can look back at our family tree and appreciate the rich memories that placed on that tree every year. To be honest I realized this after I put up our tree and kept staring at it wondering why it looked so empty. I went as far as to buy three boxes of candy canes to fill the empty spaces. I can only hope and dream that as the years go on, when we have children of our own we can keep adding to our collection of memories, and then I can tell them the stories that hang on our tree.

Let me share with you the ones I have so far.

wpid-wp-1418871771853.jpegThis angel ornament is the first that I ever received as a gift. I was doing co-op at a daycare working with adorable toddlers. When Christmas came around most of the toddlers’ parents presented me with a card, but one of them gave me this ornament, and I thought it so fitting because this little girl was such an angel. So shy but adorably sweet, and thanks to this ornament I can remember her every Christmas.

wpid-wp-1418871872692.jpegThe first Christmas that I spent at my then fiancé’s, my mother-in-love bought these snowman bell ornaments for the hubby and I. One with my name on it and one with his. I’m not entirely sure where his went, but mine is hanging on the tree.

wpid-wp-1418871903120.jpegChristmas 2013, our first Christmas as husband and wife. To be honest I saw this one at Shoppers Drug Mart, or maybe it was at Coles, and decided that it would be ours. I wonder what our tree will look like years down the road if we get a special ornament for every year. Maybe it will be as “cluttered” as my childhood Christmas tree.

wpid-wp-1418872035442.jpegThe latest one to my collection was an impulse. When the hubby and I went to the gym yesterday these ornaments were on display on the front desk. I said “ooh, how much are those?” The nice lady at the desk told me they were free if I could refer three friends. I referred ten, mostly family. They threw in a gym bag and a water bottle as well. So if you’re family and you get a call from Goodlife, you know why. I wanted the ornament. Go ahead, enjoy your week at the gym if you decide to take it! 🙂

That’s all for now, have a wonderful night, or day…or both!

Until next time, your friend,

Margaret W. Langridge

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