We Prayed For Snow

Inspiration from Nan (my grandmother through marriage). Thanks Nan :-)

Inspiration from Nan (my grandmother through marriage). Thanks Nan 🙂

“Do you think we’ll get snow for Christmas Nanna?” The question came from seven year old Jersey, snuggled against Whisper – the sneakiest Saint Bernard of the north – their noses pressed against the window. It was the night before Christmas Eve and so far there wasn’t an inch of snow on the ground.

Nanna turned from where she was shooing the cat out of the Christmas tree and joined her granddaughter on the sofa.

“I don’t really know Sweet-pea.” Nanna pulled the child onto her lap, hugging her close. “Suppose we’ll just have to ask God to send us some.” The response came as natural as breathing to the old woman. Not a day went by that she didn’t spend time at the feet of Jesus. Especially since Jersey’s parents had passed away horrifically just a few short months ago.

Jersey nodded, a look of thoughtfulness creasing her forehead. “Suppose we could ask God to give Mommy, Daddy, and baby Sabrina a hug for us?” The question didn’t surprise her grandmother. Nanna was in awe of the strength the child’s faith possessed. It had been that way from the start, her parents had made sure of it, and she was grateful for it.

“That’s a great idea Sweet-pea, we’ll do just that.” Nanna said folding Jersey’s hands between her own. As if on cue Whisper bowed his head, closed his eyes and leaned his forehead into the sofa. Jersey smiled up at her grandmother and then bowed her own head. Jersey sat quietly while Nanna prayed, waiting for Nanna’s hands to gently squeeze her own, indicating it was her turn. When it was her turn Jersey began with her thank-yous; Nanna, Pappa, Cousin Jolene, and all the pets. Then taking a deep breath she prayed “dear God, if you have any, could you send us some snow for Christmas? If you don’t it’s okay, but I’d really love it! And God…could you give Mommy, Daddy, and Baby Sabrina a goodnight hug and kiss for me? Thanks and Amen!”

The prayer done, Jersey wriggled out of Nanna’s embrace and headed off to give Pappa his goodnight hug and kiss, knowing Nanna would be there to tuck her in. Just as she did every night since Jersey had lived with her.

Christmas Eve came and went without a single snowflake. Jersey speculated that perhaps God had been busy hugging her parents and playing with her baby sister, or having Jesus’ birthday party. So on Christmas Eve, after the Christmas program, as Nanna was tucking her into bed, Jersey folded her hands and reminded God to please send snow. Nanna’s heart warmed at the sound of the child’s prayer, although she couldn’t help wondering how disappointed the child would be if it didn’t snow for Christmas.

Nanna needn’t have worried for when Christmas morning came, the world, at least her small corner of it, was covered in a blanket of white. God had come through once again. Jersey came running into the living room, still in her PJ’s, Whisper at her heels. “He did it Nanna! He made it snow! We prayed for snow and God made it really snow! Just look at it Nanna, it’s so pretty!”

Nanna smiled. “Yes He did Sweet-pea. He did indeed.”

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