It Must Be A New Years Thing

I am convinced that I cannot be the only one harbouring feelings of disappointment in myself for not having accomplished anything over the past year. I am convinced that it’s a new years kind of thing. We reflect over the past year and want to feel proud at all the big things we did. Well, I didn’t do anything.

I didn’t get any closer to having a book published.

I didn’t get pregnant…not that we’re trying, but I keep having dreams that I am.

I resolved last year that I wanted to at least get my G1, but I didn’t even do that. I got the book, but didn’t read it.

I wanted last year to be the year I started eating healthier, but I didn’t really do that either. I still eat junk food and drink way more Coke than I should.

But hey, at least I’m still working. I may have changed from one dead end job to another but it’s a job. I keep telling myself that once my husband finishes school in May and lands himself a decent job, then I can do something about my situation.

Maybe it’s a new years thing that I’m looking back with feelings of disappointment, but at least I am at a point where I can look forward and allow myself to dream about what I can do this year.

I don’t want to waste the year away. I want to look at each day as a gift and not take it for granted. I’m determined to do something this year that I can look back on with pride. Only God knows what exactly that might be, but at least I will try. Maybe it’s a new years kind of thing, but I figure resolving to try is a good place to start.

🙂 Happy New Year to you and yours,

~ Margaret

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