I’m A Simmer

I have a confession to make. Deep breath…and release. Ok here we go… I am a simmer. That’s right. When I’m not at work or sleeping, it’s safe to bet that I’m at my lap top engrossed in my Sims and their stories. Their lives are far more interesting than mine, but then, I have far more control over their lives than I do my own.

I’ll be honest I didn’t start playing with the Sims until The Sims 3, but when I did start, I got hooked. I got every single expansion pack, those that I didn’t personally buy were gifts from family. I spent hours upon hours creating Sims, building their houses, and seeing how far I could get them in a certain field.

Since the release of The Sims 4, gameplay has gotten even better. I’ll be honest, I still miss the toddlers because they were so cute to dress up and play with, but they did get exhausting. No more crashes right after loading. And the visuals, oh my goodness, what a gorgeous game. Not to mention the emotions! No more straight face for every emotion. Seriously guys, it’s kind of exciting! :-p Now usually I end up using the “motherloade” cheat code and making my Sims rich instantly so they don’t have to work. But I’ll be honest, that gets boring quickly. so recently I decided to take part in the Sims Legacy challenge which has me playing with one family for ten generations.

I’m super excited to tell the story of my founder in my next post. I just thought it would be nice to give a heads up before I dove right in. 🙂

2 thoughts on “I’m A Simmer

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  2. Have fun, Margaret! My kids used to play Sims on their Gameboy DS’s. They haven’t done it in years, though. My son is mostly into Skyrim on the desktop and he is the Gamemaster for Star Wars role-playing games he does with his friends. They either meet here or in town at a game shop that has tables set up for people to play on.

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