The Legacy Challenge Begins

Meet Nathan Summers, the founder of my Sims 4 Legacy challenge. As per the rules of the game (found by typing ‘Sims legacy rules’ into google search), Nathan started out all on his own. He lives on the biggest property in Willow Creek, with nothing but his guitar, a tent, and a campfire with which to keep himself warm and roast marshmallows.01-14-15_5-17 PM

Because I cannot cheat, and he cannot live off the land for free, Nathan had to find a way to earn some money, and since he is an outdoorsy kind of guy, he found a way to use the resources that were all around him. He began to harvest the wild apple and pear trees in his neighbourhood, as well as the strawberries, onions, potatoes, carrots, and other wild plants that seem to be dispersed randomly wherever he went. After the harvest, he could sell everything, or choose to plant some of the goods on his own property. Of course that also meant tediously caring for his garden, which Nathan found to be no fun at all. Seriously, it made him miserable, but the harvest helped pay his rent, so he did it anyway. It was also how he was able to afford the important things like say…a toilet and shower.01-14-15_9-49 PMIt wasn’t long before he had what he needed. He was able to get a job as an astronaut, of all things. He was sure making a lot more than I do per hour so I figured it was all right. With a stable job and income, it meant that Nathan could finally focus on finding his soul mate. Which actually was harder than he had anticipated (or technically, than I had anticipated). But eventually he did find her, Lisa. Although she had a terrible habit to stuff her face, he loved her nonetheless. 01-14-15_10-37 PMNathan and Lisa got engaged while on a camping trip and decided against eloping. Instead they planned a small ceremony right there on his property with only the closest of friends. They even rented an arch to perform the ceremony under. It was the first best day of his life.01-15-15_6-07 PM-3Now that fixes one problem, Nathan is no longer alone. Now he just needs someone to carry on his legacy. Of course Lisa is very agreeable and they decide to start their family and fix up a house. Nathan has been promoted at work and received a nice bonus, so the timing is perfect. While the house isn’t anything grand or even finished, it’s enough, for now. Even for twins!01-15-15_10-55 PM-2The girls seem to grow up far too fast and Nathan wonders which of the two will carry on his legacy, will it be Marley, or Mia. He wasn’t present for their birth so he has no idea who was born first or last. According to the heir law, the youngest is to carry on the legacy. Perhaps the girls will decide who it is that will carryon the legacy. Although, for now, their focus is on play time and getting their homework done.01-16-15_8-21 AMAfter some time, after Nathan has entered the last phase of his life, his younger wife gives him the news. He’s going to be a father, again! Of course he’s thrilled, and even the twins are happy to have the pressure of the legacy taken off of them. Now it’s all up to the third daughter. Meet Lilly Summers.01-16-15_8-32 PMLilly loves her father, and while her older twin sisters tend to slack off, Lilly wants to do her best to carry on her father’s legacy with pride. While she is able, she spends as much time in his company as possible. In the screenshot below Lilly is playing her violin for him.01-16-15_8-37 PMAll too soon Nathan’s time came to an end. He passed away of natural causes with his dear wife nearby one afternoon while the girls where at school. (I captured it in video). He lived 111 days. In the picture below Lilly mourns her father, knowing all too well that her mother’s time will soon follow.01-17-15_1-08 AMLilly has a tough road ahead, but she won’t be alone.

To be continued…(in smaller segments) Stay tuned.


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