Her Mother’s Dying Wish

After her father died Lilly knew her mother would soon follow. She heard her mother crying herself to sleep every night, watched her spend hours shedding tears over Father’s grave. It made her sad. One day after school as the girls were finishing up with their homework assignments Mother joined them in the living room. That’s when she knew it would be soon.01-18-15_4-57 PM

Mother had something to say to them all. She tells Jesse and Marley, the twins, that it is time they take more responsibility and find themselves a part time job. They’ll have to find a way to pay the rent when she is gone. But they have to stay on top of their school grades too. When she gets to Lilly, she encourages her to stay a child a while longer.

“Keep digging for treasure and looking for frogs, but don’t you dare forget about your homework young lady!” Mother added, then turning to Jesse she wrinkles up her nose and orders the girl to take a shower. Jesse looks embarrassed and complies. Marley and Lilly share a smile with their mother, they were the ones hogging both bathrooms when Jesse had her accident.

01-18-15_1-59 PMNot wanting the moment to end, Lilly slides onto the couch beside her mother for a cozy cuddle. Knowing it could very well be her last. She treasures the moment. They both do. Mother holds Lilly tight pressing light kisses on her forehead.

“My darling girl, don’t be afraid to follow your dreams. Remember you are the chosen one. You are the heiress to your father’s legacy. It may not seem so very grand right now, but you will take his legacy and grow it into something wonderful. I believe in you.” Mother said keeping her baby close.

Lilly could only hope that she could be and do everything her mother said. It was all she could think about while she went to sleep that night. In the morning when she woke up, mother was gone. She’d passed away in the middle of the night while everyone else was asleep.

The girls took the time to mourn, now for both parents. Lilly did her best not to be a bother to the twins, she knew they’d be overwhelmed with school and work in the following days. At dinner she stayed quiet, so did the twins. They were too sad to chit chat. Lilly began to feel bad about wanting them to remember that her birthday was coming up.01-18-15_7-00 PMOn her birthday Lilly went to school wondering if her sisters had forgotten. They hadn’t said anything that morning. She shouldn’t have worried. One of the girls had made a cake for her. When she got home, they put the candles on it and encouraged her to make a wish. Then puffing up like a cross eyed fish, Lilly whished for a more productive teenage life than what her sisters where currently leading. She released her breath with a giant whoosh and nearly fainted from dizziness as her body mysteriously lifted off the ground, spun in circles, and settled back on the ground in teenager form. 01-18-15_4-09 PM To be continued…

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