A Third Generation Emerges

A lot has happened in Lilly’s life since my last update. Let me catch you up on her before I introduce you to the third generation heir.01-23-15_9-15 AMLilly met a man she thought was perfect for her. He loved her cooking and they both loved the outdoors. Perhaps she was a little hasty, I mean who proposes in their nightgown. Whatever the reason, her boyfriend turned down her proposal and broke her heart. She even hid under the covers out of shame.01-23-15_9-54 PMWoops! Lilly finds out she’s pregnant and decides to share the news with Myles, hoping he’ll reconsider and go through the parenting phase with her. He promises to be there for their child but tells her he wont be tied down. He wants to live out the rest of his retirement in Granite falls with the stars above him and the fish biting at his hook.01-23-15_10-45 PMLilly gives birth to a son. Lee Summers. True to his word Myles isn’t there to witness the birth. He was too busy fishing. At this point Jesse and Marley had moved out and found families of their own. Jesse even had twin daughters of her own.01-23-15_10-51 PMAs Lee grows Myles takes the time to bond with him, realising that their time is indeed precious. Lee appreciates the moments he gets to spend with his father, although he can’t help wishing he got more than a weekly visit.01-25-15_7-48 PMLilly still visits her parents graves whenever she finds herself tending to the garden. Though she was young when she lost her parents, she still feels the emptiness their loss left in her life. She can only hope that the legacy she leaves is as strong as that of her father.01-25-15_9-08 PMSometimes Lilly’s days at work in the culinary field can seem like a long one. Thankfully Jesse sends her now teen daughter Daisy over to babysit Lee. Lee doesn’t mind. Cousin Daisy is pretty cool, and she’s so smart.01-25-15_9-54 PMBefore she realises what’s happened, her smart little boy became a handsome, and still smart, teenager. Lilly couldn’t be more proud of Lee’s determination to do well in school. Since her apple orchard is doing so well she lets Lee off the hook when it comes to him finding part time work.01-26-15_9-17 PMLilly knows it won’t be too long now before it’s time for her to retire, but for now she decides to enjoy her latest promotion as Head Caterer. Ahh..life is good.

To be continued…

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