It Was Her Time

Can you imagine the things we would do or the things we would give up if our time to depart this life was upon us? If you got a notification somehow that your time was near and that this was the time to get your affairs in order? I imagine that once you reach an elderly state, you just have that assumption. But what would you do?

I’d like to think that in my play-through of Lilly Summers’ last days, I had her doing a lot of the things I think I would do if it was my time.Lilly time with natureI would find myself on a bench somewhere, maybe down by the pier, and just be immersed in nature and time with my Creator, giving thanks for the life I had.01-27-15_10-05 PMI would take the time and effort to be with loved ones, looking up at the stars. Loving and appreciating them. (Just as Lilly is with her son Lee.)01-27-15_10-32 PMOh I would most certainly pull out my guitar to play by the fire. What a blissful happy moment that would be. I would play all my favorite songs, giving my loved ones a memory to cherish for as long as they lived.

Here lies Lilly Summers next to her parents Nathan and Lisa Summers

Here lies Lilly Summers next to her parents Nathan and Lisa Summers

Then when it’s all said and done, and I’m no longer here, there would be a place for my loved ones to come remember me. But I’d want them to know that my spirit is alive and free, with my Creator. The tombstone merely marks the resting place of my physical body. I would want them to continue living and striving for their goals and dreams.

To be continued…

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