She’s Baaack…

Lee Summers grunted as he pushed through each rep on the workout machine. He needed to workout daily to get his next big promotion. He was certainly glad he wasn’t the team mascot anymore, but he wanted to be more than “Dance Captain”. After all he wanted to be a part of the team.

He’s pulled out of his concentration when all of a sudden the spirit of his mother appears in the room.She's Baack!Lee doesn’t know what he should be feeling at this point. The days he spent at her grave weeping seemed a little moot. He thought he was just seeing things, but then she began taking to him as if she were really there. She even joined in beside him on the treadmill, after picking up a book to put it back on the shelf.ghost mom on treadmillFinally Lee broke and turned to where his ghost of a mother, who had no feet, tripped on the treadmill.

“Mom, how can you even be here right now?” Lee asked feeling just a little foolish to be talking to someone who was supposed to be dead.

“Lee…you didn’t release my spirit to the netherworld. Now I can do as I please. I can come and go whenever I want just for the fun of it.” Her voice came out sounding distant and a tad bit like she was speaking into a well.

“Oh man, I get it! That’s why I’ve never seen Gramps, or Granny around here, you released their spirits to the netherworld.” Lee thought for a moment and then “Mom, do you want me to release your spirit into the Netherworld?”

“No” the ghost of Lilly Summers replied “I want to see who you marry, and to meet your children. Also, I think your radio is broken and I can fix it from the inside.”

“Oh, alright. It’s a deal Mom. It was getting too quiet around here anyway.”

Then just as fast as she appeared, she was gone. Lee wondered if he imagined it. He almost thought he had dreamt her appearance until he finally got his promotion to Minor Leaguer and Lilly’s ghost showed up to congratulate him with a hug.ghost mom hug.Alright, Lee was convinced. It was no dream.

To be continued…

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