Lee’s Girl

Things were starting to get stressful in the Summers’ house. It was becoming clear to Lee that living alone would not be a good idea if he wanted to stay on top of rent. He’d used up the family savings on doing some renovations around the house; painting walls, installing a front deck, and brand new window. It was amazing and terrifying how quickly simolians could get sucked up into thin air.

Lee knew it was time for him to find a wife. Even if he did have his ghost mother show up now and again to scrub the tub, it wasn’t enough. Her days of paying rent were over. No he needed someone who could help him with income. Someone to keep him company. Someone for him to love, to be the mother of his children.

01-28-15_10-21 PMLee thought instantly of Courtney Goodrich. The girl he’d known since phys’ed in high school. They had so much in common. Even their goals were similar. Lee pulled out the photo of her that he had tucked away in his wallet. Her smile warmed his heart and made him hopeful that no one else had snatched her up yet.

Lee didn’t have her number, maybe he’d never had it, but he had to find her. He decided his best bet was to go to the local gym. She’d be there most likely. And she was.

Lee wasn’t sure who was more excited about seeing each other, didn’t know if it was Courtney or himself. Either way he was thrilled. They ended up going to the lounge next-door for drinks and talked until Lee was ready to drop from lack of sleep. He went home knowing she was the one.

As the days go by and Courtney visits often, their relationship gets stronger. One day Lee decides to go for it. He snags Courtney’s hand as she walks by him. He pulls her close, kisses her cheek, and tells her of his undying love for her. He asks her to marry him. She says yes, and they elope right then and there. He can’t afford a real wedding.01-28-15_9-44 PMLee can’t believe how happy he is to have this woman by his side. She is his joy, his warmth on cold nights, and man can she cook! With her by his side, keeping up with rent is a little easier, but still tough enough that sometimes the power gets shut down until they’ve earned enough to pay it. On days like that Lee and Courtney sit and Grandfather Nathan’s chess table and play. One thing is for sure. He’s glad he’s not alone any more. He’s convinced that he never will be, why just yesterday he’d noticed something about Courtney while they were playing chess.01-28-15_10-48 PMLee noticed that his skinny-fit-chick-wife, had gained a belly. He had wanted to ask her about his suspicions, but when he looked up at her, he saw the truth shining in her eyes. Lee was going to be a father!

To be continued…

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