Lee’s Growing Family

After the truth of Courtney’s condition came to light, Lee was over the moon with happiness. He was going to be a dad and the Summers legacy would live on. He could tell Courtney was over the moon herself, although she tried not to show it. She failed miserably. Sometimes Lee would find Courtney just standing there, as if everything else was forgotten, just to rub her belly while speaking in hushed tones. The sweetness of the moment made his throat tight with emotion.

Soon the time came and Courtney went into labour, although she’d been stubborn and demanded she be allowed to finish the BLT sandwich she had been eating. Lee tried to tell his sweet Courtney that the baby would wait for no one, but he was wrong. Courtney had her lunch and then the full force of her labour took over, and Lee stood by anxiously waiting to meet his little one.His baby girl RealynLee was overwhelmed with love and happiness from the first moment he picked up his baby girl.

“What will we name her?” Lee asked Courtney, the infant now nestled snug in her mothers arms. Courtney looked down at her baby, softly tracing the features of her face with her fingers.

“I see my grandmother in her eyes.” Courtney murmured. Lee leaned in for a closer look. Earning a jab in his ribs “Not literally you silly goose.” Courtney laughed.

“Right,” Lee straightened “What was your grandmother’s name?

“Raelyn.” Courtney replied, her gaze glued to the baby.

“Alright, Raelyn it is!” Lee exclaimed. He held his wife close to his side gazing tenderly at his little Raelyn over her shoulder. “Welcome to the world Raelyn Summers.”

To be continued…

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