Lee’s Growing Family – Part 2

Lee shook his head with bewilderment. It was as if just yesterday he was snuggling his precious Raelyn in his arms. Now all of a sudden she was a sparkling little girl with such personality. He was thrilled that she still came to him, to be wrapped in his embrace. He loved those precious moments with her sweet face nestled into the crook of his neck. How was such love possible?'by the way dad, i need my own room, and a bed.'Lee smiled at Raelyn’s cheekiness. How she’d unabashedly reminded him that now that she was a big girl she would need her own room, and her own bed. She was too big to keep sharing mommy and daddy’s bed, even if she was just using it while they were at work.

Lee sighed, more rooms meant adding on a second floor, and that would mean a lot of simolians. He could only hope he got another promotion soon, or the renovations wouldn’t get done until Raelyn was a teenager. For now each little bit they earned would go towards the reno. They would do what they could, harvest plants to sell, and dig for valuables.

Lee took a deep breath and convinced himself that if his mother had been able to keep them afloat all on her own, he could do it with the help of his wife. Thus the addition is started, and suddenly before the walls are even finished, Courtney has some news for Lee. They’re going to have another little one.Let the Reno begin.The addition gets put on hold momentarily while they get ready for their second bundle of joy. Raelyn was too busy being excited about being a big sister to realise it would mean waiting longer for her room. Although sometimes while Lee was fixing the ever troublesome kitchen sink, Raelyn would plop herself down right there on the kitchen floor to do her homework. In those moments Lee would feel the weight of his family’s needs.

Although the time seemed to go by slowly, Courtney due date came upon them and she gave birth to their son, Nathanial Summers, named after Lee’s Grandfather. The founder of the Summers Legacy. Lee couldn’t help it, nor did he mind caring for baby Nate when Courtney was too tuckered out.Then came Nathanial, named after his great grandfatherLee noticed that Raelyn took advantage of those moments too. He even captured a photo of her cooing at her infant brother. He would keep that picture close to his heart, and hope that their love for each other would only grow stronger.Realyn loves playing with her baby brother.Lee didn’t think there would be any more little ones, and he was okay with that. He was still trying to figure out how much more love his heart could hold for his family. He was beyond blessed and he knew it. And he knew that all the struggles along the way would be completely worth it.

To be continued…

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