Raelyn’s Request and Nate’s Wish

“Daddy, can we have a garden? Grandma had one. Why don’t we have one?” Raelyn asked her father one morning at breakfast.

“Well Sweet-pea, Grandma Lilly sold the apple orchard when she no longer had the energy to care for it, and I was too young so I couldn’t help her. But I’ll tell you what, your mom and I have been thinking about starting up a garden again.” Lee answered honestly.

Raelyn’s face lit with a grin that reached her eyes. “Does that mean the garden can be mine when I’m older? I’ll take care of it as soon as I’m a teenager if I can, I promise.” Raelyn’s bounced with anticipation while she waited for her father’s answer. Lee only had to nod and Raelyn went squealing all around the house.

True to his word, Lee and Courtney set themselves to starting up and growing a garden during their time off. One night as Lee was watering the garden after work, Raelyn threw her arms around his neck.

“Thank you Daddy for my garden. I love you.” Raelyn's dreams for the garden Lee smiled knowing their hard work would not go to waste. It made him hopeful that even though things might be difficult for him, things would be brighter for his children and their future. Although just to be sure, Lee decided to call the family together for a meeting around the campfire the next evening.Father calls a family meetingSo with Raelyn on one side and Nate, now a young boy, on the other, Lee talked about the plan for the future. Courtney revealed that her retirement was just around the corner, so she would help Raelyn with the garden for as long as needed.

“What about you little man?” Lee asked Nathanial.

His young son poked at the fire, deep in thought. Then with his gaze transfixed on the fire, he answered. “I want to be a writer.”

Lee and Courtney shared a smile. Their boy was a dreamer, he would do well.

To be continued…

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