Lee’s Last Moments

02-01-15_8-51 PMThis comes to you from Nathanial Summers, third heir to the Summers Legacy. Great Grandson of Nathan Summers.

I was still a teeneager then. In their last moments.

Dad took Mom fishing in the town next over. They wanted to have a nice day all to themselves, but lets face it. They both came back home feeling really worn out an uncomfortable.02-03-15_1-30 PMAfter that it was only a matter of time for them both. They spent a lot of time around the campfire talking about the good old times. Mom sang songs of love to Dad. Raelyn and I gave them their space.02-03-15_2-31 PMThen it happened, in the middle of the night. Mom passed while everyone else slept. Though, Dad didn’t sleep much after. How could he, his heart was broken. The love of his live was gone and at this point he just wanted to be with her again.02-03-15_3-16 PMWe’ve noticed that Grandma Lilly’s ghost stopped coming around. I’m sure Dad released her spirit and Mom’s at the same time. We were sure Dad would die of old age too, but he didn’t. He was old, but he found another way. Raelyn’s cow plant-pet. 02-04-15_10-39 PMThe cow plant swallowed Dad. We are devastated. He shouldn’t have eaten the cake!

To be continued…

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