A Season of Change

02-08-15_10-11 PM-2It all began one day when Nate got home from work to find Raelyn lying in the garden where she was gazing up at the clouds.

“I’m bored with my life. I want change.” Raelyn said when Nate came to see what she was up to.

“What do you mean, you want change”? Nate asked

“I’m selling the garden. I want to create more of an oasis. My life is in this garden and I’m getting tired of the day in and day out picking weeds and watering. I want to enjoy the garden, not work in it.” Raelyn explained.02-08-15_7-01 PMThey talked about it later on. Nate wanted to give Raelyn some news anyway.  He wouldn’t give Raelyn a hard time on wanting change. It was bound to happen anyway.02-08-15_2-02 PMAlthough it took him some effort to pull himself out of the book he was reading, Nate turned to Raelyn to give her the news.

“I’m seeing someone.” Nate said. Raelyn choked on a piece of lettuce. “It’s about time! Who are you seeing?” Nate smiled “You’ll see soon enough. Her name is Keisha Macintosh. I think she’s the one.”

Soon enough, she did see. After having the landscaping artist come in for her garden, she came home from her new entertainment job to see Nate with his new girl. The moment was so perfect she couldn’t help but to snap a picture of the two.02-09-15_10-25 PM

To be continued… (special thanks to Anna, a fellow Simmer, and blogger for creating the logo you see on my first picture 🙂

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